General User Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Abbreviated Acceptable Use Policy


The Acceptable Use Policy  (AUP) outlines your schools guidelines for appropriate use of this electronic system.  Inappropriate use, by any one person, can result in the removal of the system from the school.


All users are required to agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy before logging into their “user account” for the first time.  


1.                 You are entirely responsible for all activities conducted through your “user account”.

2.                 You  will not use your “user account” to:

a)                 transmit or cause the transmission of any harassing, threatening, lewd, or otherwise abusive messages, data or information.

b)                post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional or marketing materials.

3.                 You will not violate any privacy rights or rights of publicity of any person.

4.                 You will not attempt or assist others in attempting to compromise the security or integrity of your school’s electronic system.  This includes tampering with the settings or changing the personalized “passwords– doing so, will result in the immediate termination of your service.

5.                 System users have no privacy expectation in the contents of their personal files and records of their online activity while on the School system.

6.                 Violations of this Acceptable Use Policy  in whole, or in part, will result in the termination of all privileges relating to the use of the school’s electronic system.

7.                 For a full and complete version of the Board of Education’s “ Rules for Internet Acceptable use” please see: